Precision, quality and expertise in technology: ELMAKO!

ELMAKO GmbH & Co. KG is regarded as an established company with the “Made in Germany” seal in mechanical engineering, the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, automation engineering and test engineering.

The development and manufacture of individual and series-produced parts, entire assemblies and the implementation of customised orders take place on time and with the highest quality. Thanks to our expertise and technical equipment, we develop and manufacture your projects from a single source!

We provide reliable and intelligent solutions from development to design, and also manufacturing and delivery.


Complete solution + development

  • Mechanical design in 2D/3D using the Solid Edge, Solid Works, HiCAD and AutoCAD programs.
  • Design of assemblies or complete systems in accordance with requirements.
  • We process customer data in different formats.
  • We can take over data from Solid Edge, Solid Works, Hicad and Autocad and process it accordingly.
  • Part list: Recording of new or old projects and translation into the language of your choice.
  • Production of technical documentation and translation of operating instructions.
  • We provide complete solutions for industrial and medical products.
  • All solutions are designed, manufactured and delivered in accordance with individual customer requirements. ELMAKO delivers worldwide!
  • Design with Bosch profiles or steel frames.
  • Among other things, we develop motor controllers with PIC technology.
  • PCBs are developed in house using Eagle PCB software.
  • Microcontrollers are programmed using Microchip PIC Controller development tools.
  • Programming of different PLC systems from Siemens (LOGO, S5, S7), OMRON (CPM1A to CS1D), Allan Bradley, BECKHOFF and other systems.
  • Menu creation with HMI Touch Panel from Siemens and BECKHOFF.
  • Integration of Ethernet, Serial, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP and CAN-Bus bus systems.
  • User interface development and programming using LabVIEW for motor test benches.
  • Development of contacting adaptation for PCB testers.
  • Our In-Circuit-Tests (ICT) are suitable for big and small batches.
  • Development of in-house controllers for medical products.
  • Programming of control technology for brushless motors.

Electrical engineering + electronics

  • Planning, design, manufacturing and programming of test systems.
  • Stable design for continuous use in shift operation.
  • Development and manufacturing of prototypes (small and large batches).
  • CAD Tool: Eagle
  • Implementation of projects in completed solutions.
  • Wiring in accordance with plans and standards.
  • Cable manufacturing.
  • Wiring of plug-in units in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Tools: ePlan P8, S5 PLC and S7 PLC.
  • Development of contacting adaptation for PCB testers.
  • Our In-Circuit-Tests (ICT) are suitable for big and small batches.
  • Assembly of switch cabinets with complete wiring and testing in accordance with the VDE standard.
  • PLC programming of the systems in accordance with the specification.
  • On-site commissioning.
  • Including documentation and test reports.
  • Tools: ePlan P8, S5 PLC and S7 PLC, TWINCAT 3.

We also provide you with a full service from planning to on-site commissioning and personnel training in the “Customised machines” area.

  • Testing and production systems for the manufacturing industry.
  • Modular extensions from the automatic monitoring station to the manual final inspection station.
  • Continuous operation test benches, drying ovens, gluing stations, electric motor test benches, rain sensor test benches and much more.
  • Tools: SolidEdge, SolidWorks, HiCAD and AutoCAD.
  • Development, design, installation, wiring and programming of units for sewage treatment plants.
  • Planning, on-site commissioning and personnel training.


  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • CNC punching
  • CNC edging
  • CNC bending
  • CNC die sinking
  • CNC laser cutting
  • Spot welding
  • Metal inert gas welding, MIG welding
  • Metal active gas welding, MAG welding
  • Manual metal arc welding
  • Tungsten inert gas welding
  • Plasma welding
  • Contract manufacture of individual parts and big and small batches

Our team of experts is available to you for any questions.

ELMAKO means enthusiasm
for perfection and technology.

“Part of our general principle is to tackle any task with our customers as a partner and develop intelligent solutions”. Our work is characterised by appreciation, trustworthiness and responsible actions”

Hans Damm, Managing Director



Qualified and motivated employees from the areas of construction, mechanical engineering and metalworking are always welcome!