Your reliable supplier of medical engineering components!

We would be pleased to make our experience and expertise in the manufacture of high-quality parts available to the manufacturers of medical products.

Regardless of whether it is individual parts or assemblies, if you are a manufacturer who is looking for a reliable supplier of milled parts, turned parts, sheet metal parts, housings or for the installation of devices, we are there for you!

Just contact us.

The customer has access to the entire range of ELMAKO services for the development and manufacture of medical engineering products.

Development and manufacturing in precision and perfection

The demand for medical engineering products is growing worldwide. ELMAKO is certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, proof that our quality assurance systems meets the requirements of Annex V of directive 93/42/EEC of the council for medical products with regard to the following medical products: Medical gases and gas mixtures in liquid and gaseous condition – this characterises ELMAKO as a trustworthy and powerful partner and supplier for medical engineering manufacturers.

  • Are you developing a new medical engineering product? Do you need input from an experienced partner for a particular design or production problem?

  • Do you produce medical devices and are looking for one or more parts from a supplier who will support you in a quick, uncomplicated and reliable way?

  • Have you been in the medical engineering industry for years, and would like to expand your expertise network?

  • Do you want to have a partner at the ready now or in the future who will “roll up his sleeves” for you and be able to successfully collaborate with you in dealing with challenges?

Medical engineering products have to fulfil the highest of demands. Doctors and patients rely on it!

ELMAKO is a specialist for medical device construction and part manufacturing. Adherence to deadlines and the capability of dealing with special challenges and problems quickly and intelligently characterise the working style of the ELMAKO team. The customer benefits from the fact that every stage of the project from development to manufacturing takes place in house and is therefore “Made in Germany”.

“Close contact” and the personal project partnership, consistent quality management and continuous monitoring of measuring and testing materials go without saying.

The medical engineering products which are developed and manufactured in house include the innovative CRYOLIGHT device series.