ELMAKO mechanical engineering and systems engineering

ELMAKO has many decades of experience in systems engineering and the construction of customised machinery, during which a wide variety of customised machines have been designed, developed and constructed.

The customer stipulates his requirements for the functionality and technical specifications, and ELMAKO develops hand in hand with the customer, so that the ELMAKO systems can be integrated in the customer’s production line perfectly.

In the galvanics area, for example, ELMAKO has constructed reel-to-reel galvanic systems, but also selective galvanising systems and mesh galvanic systems.

The range of products includes individual semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly and testing stations and also pick and place systems for assembly lines in different areas of industry.

Depending on the specialist area concerned – mechanical engineering, production technology, electrical engineering, process engineering etc. – the system must fulfil a wide variety of requirements. At each stage of the process, from pre-planning, design and development to assembly and complete manufacturing and service, ELMAKO is precise, trustworthy and on time.

And some more important information:
Existing or older systems can be optimised at ELMAKO and brought up to date.

The strength of ELMAKO is measurable in a very special way in systems engineering. In this case we are talking about the development and construction of complex, powerful overall systems.

And who can do it better than a company which has all of the important capabilities and expertise in one location?

Product examples