Expertise in development, manufacturing and installation

ELMAKO has acquired a great deal of experience and successful implementation of a wide range of projects in mechanical engineering, aerospace and medical engineering over more than 40 years. This kind of footprint is only possible with motivated employees – and if every one of them is prepared to make a contribution and take responsibility. Having a well-equipped machine pool goes without saying.

Expertise is the capability of acting. We act on your behalf!


ELMAKO has been a recognised and approved partner to the aerospace industry since 1972. We provide reliable and intelligent solutions from a single source in the manufacture of individual components and series production – from development to manufacturing and delivery.

Automotive industry

“Cars must become lighter, be safer, produce fewer emissions and become more intelligent” – these are targets which the automotive industry has set itself. We are making our contribution to achieving these targets.

Medical engineering

The demand for medical engineering products is growing worldwide. ELMAKO is certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, proof that our quality assurance systems meets the requirements of Annex V of directive 93/42/EEC of the council for medical products with regard to the following medical products: Medical gases and gas mixtures in liquid and gaseous form (class 1A).

Mechanical engineering and systems engineering

ELMAKO has many decades of experience in systems engineering and the construction of customised machinery, during which a wide variety of customised machines have been designed, developed and constructed. In the galvanics area, for example, Elmako constructs reel-to-reel galvanic systems, selective galvanising systems and mesh galvanic systems.

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