made in Germany

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CRYOLIGHT® reduces pain swiftly

The treatment facilitates a reduction of inflammation and swelling, and promotes faster restoration of the patient’s functionality.

CRYOLIGHT® is simple and safe to operate

Treatment is of extremely short duration and can be carried out by trained assistants. All units are easy to operate. Thanks to modern temperature sensors and the shut-down mechanisms, CRYOLIGHT® fulfils the highest demands on operating convenience and safety.

The treatment units

  • patented cutting-edge technology
  • space-saving housing
  • operational for up to 24 hours
  • precise control over treatment duration, temperature, CO2-level and battery service life


The CO2 is precisely sprayed onto the skin at a pressure of 0.3 bar. Thus the treated body part cools from +4°C down to 0°C within 3–5 seconds. The resulting 4-way effect (analgesic, antiphlogistic, vasomotoric, neurological) is considerably more effective than single treatments such as ice packs, cooling pads, cooled air or ice sprays.

Application on the body

During treatment, the cold beam is to be moved in a slow, circular movement. This movement and the gentle pressure of the cold beam stimulate the lymph channels.

CRYOLIGHT® benefits both patient and doctor

The patient benefits from the short stay at the clinic. For the doctor, the procurement costs are amortised in a correspondingly short period of time.

CRYOLIGHT® made in Germany

CRYOLIGHT® stands for innovative medical engineering, top quality and absolute reliability “Made in Germany”.